It is predicted that over the next 10-20 years up to 50% of jobs will be automated and jobs as we know them today will change drastically. We need to develop skills that are adaptable to the changes in work as we know it. Skills such as critical thinking, decision making, creativity and communications will be essential whether someone is working for a large corporation, a public service organization or as a business owner.


Today about  35% of adults participate in the gig economy and it is predicted that in the next 5 years up to 50% of working adults will be their own boss in either a part or full time capacity. Given this, everyone needs to gain a basic level of understanding of business skills to successfully manage this work at different points in their career.


44% of students who enter college don't ever graduate. We must help every individual develop "career-readiness" skills before completing high school in order to be best prepared for their future. We believe college is a valuable option but recognize that isn't for everyone. A fulfilling career is for everyone and it is critical we arm students with these skills in K-12.



Numerous studies have shown that happy people tend to be successful across multiple domains in life, including work performance, health, income, friendship, and even marriage. There is strong evidence that happiness and success are inextricably linked. When we focus on the skills for success we are also supporting the skills for a happy life.



How we spend our days is,

of course, how we spend our lives. 

- Annie Dillard

We believe everyone has the potential to live a purposeful and rewarding life. A large part of that life will be the career paths each person chooses. In fact, approximately 1/3 of every adult life, or 90,000 hours, is spent working! 

We believe work can not only be a job to provide for basic needs but also have a huge impact on personal health, happiness and fulfillment. We work to UNLEASH FEARLESSNESS and empower people to become owners in all aspects of their lives so that they can do more than exist; they can EXCEL. 

In a world that is changing more quickly than at any other time in history; it is critical to learn and practice the skills that will create opportunities to add value, regardless of the unpredictable future of work.

There is no better way to develop "Future-Ready" skills than through the development and practice of an entrepreneurial mindset.  A recent article in Forbes looked at the World Economic Forum "Future of Jobs" Report and stated that as a result of the 4th Industrial Revolution, 

the most critical skills will include: 

  • Creativity

  • Leadership

  • Critical Thinking

  • Technology Skills

  • Embracing Change

  • Emotional Intelligence

  • Judgement  & Decision Making

  • Interpersonal Communications

  • Diversity & Cultural Intelligence

  • Active Learning with a Growth Mindset

Founders Mark is an opportunity for students to develop these skills with an entrepreneurial mindset and decide how they will use them to make their lasting MARK on the world.

Our purpose is to create positive IMPACT with young people so they can become self-reliant, engaged and constructive contributors to society prepared for an always-evolving future.