With experience as educators, parents, employers, marketers, and entrepreneurs, we've learned a few things about how to develop engaging content for students to learn and grow. 

Our methodology relies on a hands-on approach to learning that allows each individual to develop at their pace for optimal outcomes for them. 

In each of our programs, students will create a new business concept they can personally own. Entrepreneurship provides the perfect playground for learning and applying the life skills that are so critical for future success.

Our process follows the following steps:

  • PROVIDE new material in a relevant and interesting way

  • APPLY new concept understanding to the world around them

  • PRACTICE understanding in a constructive way towards something the individual is passionate about

  • EVALUATE and improve based upon real-world feedback

  • CONNECT new skills to future applications and purpose

  • EXCEL with new skills to apply across academic and inter-personal activities




Students learn business basics as well as develop the skills necessary for the future of work.

We measure outcomes through a variety of components including:

  • Grit Assessment

  • Portfolio 

    • Company Website​

    • Marketing Assets

    • Product Concept 

    • Product Development

  • Founders Fair Presentation

  • Lean Canvas Business Model

  • Personal Growth Assessment


Students transform as they create something larger than themselves. True ownership empowers students in ways they have often never experienced and this is a critical piece of their path to purpose and a successful life. Students create physical evidence of their business through a brand logo, business cards, company t-shirt and website that all further propel their owner identity.


Founders Mark opens up our community of founders, entrepreneurs, educators and business leaders and creates a space to collaborate, connect and co-create. Students build their network while developing important leadership and communications skills.


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